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The Future

We envision your company to grow and develop. We see ourselves as your long term partner on a journey to achieve goals beyond horizons.


Our Mission is to help companies redefine goals by exploring new markets and extending professional networks. We offer tangible transaction based services such as sourcing and trading as well as consulting services covering aspects of business transformation, business models, strategy, risk and competition management and IT solutions design and development.

01. Strategic

Strategy is knowing where you want to go and knowing how you want to get there. 
For years we have been observing businesses having great ideas that failed as a result of weak strategy and execution.

Our outside perspective and understanding of cross cultural markets will complement your vision and define the best course of action and its execution on the roadmap to success. 

02. Professional

We honed our professional skills working with with business sector, government institutions, luxury brands and education institutions. 

Our professional team will work map out the strategy, consult and run your creative, branding and marketing campaigns, perform additional market research and follow up on legal and regulatory aspects. 

03. Experienced

We engaged in project in Europe, Asia, Australia and North America. The cross-cultural challenges and diversity of intercontinental business processes and legal frameworks that we have dealt with taught us to be able to see the world from various perspectives, perfect our communication with business partners and target audiences and adapt swiftly to dynamically changing business contexts. These skills will now serve you to help you achieve your goals. 

Proven Success

Numbers Reflect Reality

For over 20 years our team have engaged in business on 4 continents in countries including China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Macao, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Great Britain, Poland, Russia, Germany, Ukraine, Australia, United States and Canada.  18+ Countries ? – no it is not a mistake, get in touch to solve this puzzle.

We worked with luxury brands, financial institutions, trading companies, start ups, SMEs, NGOs, charities, universities, government bodies, embassies and consulates. 

Years of Experience



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